Our culture:

The two principal traits of our company culture are above all, constant improvement and customer satisfaction.
With each day and each job we ensure we improve and grow.

The quality of safety at work is a constant concern; analysis and risk prevention are approached precisely and meticulously, involving the main players, namely the customers, employees and managers of the company.

The quality of the work is of great importance for the company, customer satisfaction is the only recognition of our expertise and our professionalism.

We are primarily a company that provides maintenance work, made up of teams with two trades, rope techniques for access and the different applicable trades.

In order to better manage our actions, we are deeply committed to quality with MASE (Manuel d'Amélioration Sécurité des Entreprises) for safety at work and ISO 9001 for the operational side of the company.
Our quality approach is considered to be a tool by our team that we use on a daily basis to function better, organise better, be more secure, and also to take a step back from our actions in order to improve.
We have been MASE certified for 3 years, since November 2013.
We are undergoing the ISO 9001 process and plan for certification during 2016.

Our commitments to our customers and our employees:

Control of the quality of our activity by respecting the proportion of one supervisor to four technicians
No temporary employees in our workforce, only employees on some form of permanent contract.
Constant awareness to adapt to our clients, to their needs and constraints.


Our fundamentals:

Team spirit!
This is the basis of the company, we can achieve nothing without it!
We are constantly stimulating our creativity to meet the constraints and needs of our customers.
Customer satisfaction!
It is the only recognition of our skills and of a job well done.
Our main tool!
A company must be efficient in its techniques and in its budgets to satisfy its employees and its customers.